From Yelp Review:

Working with Joseph and Malcolm at Villarreal Fine Jewelers was truly a breath of fresh air. I had shopped around for an engagement ring for one of my family members for months. Everywhere I went, it was like no one was actually listening to what I wanted. I had remembered that my father had gone to a custom jeweler for my moms anniversary ring and wanted to see if the jeweler that did hers could do what I was looking for. Come to find out, Villarreal is where he went. I called them up to tell them what I was looking for in a diamond and sent over a lookalike picture of the setting with the changes I had want done to them. When I went in for my appointment, they had done what no other had, ACTUALLY listen to what I wanted and put it together. I was very picky about the center diamond, and Joseph worked with me the whole way through. Went through the finishing touches of the ring, then went into production. The ring got done surprisingly fast. When I went to see the ring, my jaw dropped and I almost started crying, after all the time and work, the masterpiece was finished. No matter which way you turned the ring, there was a sparkle. I cannot tell you enough how nice it was working with both Malcolm and Joseph, but I can tell you I will definitely be back! Thank y’all!

At Villarreal Fine Jewelers, we have cultivated a loyal clientele that appreciate and share the ethos of beauty, quality, innovation and excellent customer service. Offering the guidance of Head Gemologist Joseph Villarreal and Jewelry Designer Malcolm Brown, it is no accident that Villarreal Fine Jewelers has become Austin’s most trusted jewelry professional.

Creating custom jewelry and helping couples choose the perfect engagement ring is our greatest passion. Our custom jewelry design service enables the discerning client to purchase unique jewelry tailored to their precise specifications and we also have an extensive range of quality Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires in stock to choose from. We provide our clients an unforgettable experience by offering professional advice and attention to detail to make sure you end up with the engagement ring of your dreams!

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