If you’re looking to create something truly special, Villarreal Jewelers this is the place to go. They have a wonderful setting in the center of town, accommodating, creative, and knowledgeable. I wanted to create something incredible for my fiance’s engagement ring and not only was Villarreal there with me every step of the way to guide and suggest, but they made sure that the final product was something she would be proud to wear on her hand for forever. Even several months later, folks will stop her in the middle of a conversation to ask about her ring. Where did you get that? She’s more than happy to divulge that her future husband took time and care while working with an incredible set of individuals who were all dedicated to provide the most magnificent piece of jewelry for her to show of for the rest of her life.

Easy to work with and responsive to inquiries: Without question. I’m probably now spoiled and will struggle work with any other jeweler again.

Able to manage a tight timeline: Check. Was planning a proposal in Rome, and they moved mountains to get the ring completed in time.

Willing to push back and “save me from myself”: I was close to making a few ‘questionable’ choices, but Malcolm was there to keep me sane and calm me into realizing the best choice for the ring based on his suggestions and expertise.

One of a kind piece that will infatuate her for a lifetime: Yea. That’s an easy one. My fiance still finds little accents in the hand engraved feathering and in ways the jewels sparkle and compliment each other.

Value: I honestly would have paid double for this. I had the ring appraised for insurance shortly after receiving it, and it was quoted at least as much as I paid. No ripoffs, incredible transparency into what you’re paying for, and immense value driven for me.

Richard Brown