My Fiance Wants to Get Me a Salt and Pepper Diamond. 

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond? Salt and pepper diamonds are not new to the consumer. Salt and Pepper diamonds are very basically dirty looking diamonds. They are diamonds with large amount black imperfections. As a result, they have minimal brilliance. Therefore, the have very little beauty. The imperfections are part of a diamonds Clarity Characteristics. Diamonds with less inclusions are more desirable. “Clarity” is one of the 4C’s in determining the value of a diamond.

As the image above illustrates, Salt and Pepper diamonds are diamonds are so poor in quality that they are not considered as “Gem” quality. While these diamonds are not new to the diamond industry. However, they are new to some so called “jewelry designers.” In past years, poor quality diamonds of this nature were only used for industrial purposes. As an example, some items are diamond tipped drill bits and other tools used for underground drilling for oil exploration and mining. Other tools include hydro circular saws used to cut into rock, pavement and concrete.

Furthermore, there are so called “artisans” soliciting these salt and pepper diamonds in inferior jewelry and actually referring to them as “Fine” jewelry. Which brings us to the subject of diamond engagement rings. That’s right, heavily included, lackluster, industrial quality diamonds are being peddled by unscrupulous purveyors making a buck on unsuspecting couples. I guess if you drop the word “diamond” into a product you can actually sell it as a legitimate piece of “Fine” jewelry? I dare to say that 99.9% of all women would be horrified to receive such an engagement ring. What do you think?

Joseph R. Villarreal, Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.) – Villarreal Fine Jeweler– “Designers of Exquisite Jewelry”

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