From Google Review:

This review is long overdue. If you’re a first time buyer, or really confused about where to buy your jewelry from, do not look anywhere else!

Once I decided that I was going to ask my long time girlfriend to marry me, I began my quest for an engagement ring. I was fortunate enough to have the center stone passed down to me, so I needed a ring to set it in.

I went though numerous jewelry stores, specialty dealers and custom designers over the course of weeks looking for help in making something special.

Based on some on-line reviews, I found who I THOUGHT I was going to be purchasing my future Fiances’ ring from. After a second meeting, something told me to look a little more.

Villarreal Jewelers was my next stop, and I feel lucky that I found them!

Please keep in mind, I did not have a huge budget, and having an inherited stone certainly takes away from there markup and profits.

From day one, Malcolm was responsive and genuinely listened to everything I was saying and wanting to accomplish in her ring.

He politely steered me into making good decisions on components, construction, design and materials. I never felt rushed or that my purchase was any less important than anything else he was working on. Malcolm even spent over an hour with me looking for earrings which only resulted in an extremely modest purchase. He was a true gentleman through the entire process.

Joesph, the owner was also around and I got the same vibe from him. He clearly has integrity in every sense of the word.

If you’re looking for quality jewelry, sound advice and the most pleasurable buying experience possible, than do not waste your time anywhere else!

My g/f, now Fiance’ LOVES her ring and tells me often just how perfect it is!

Thank you Malcolm and Joesph from both of us! Keep up the great customer service and amazing quality!