From Google Review:

Recently, I wanted to convert one diamond solitare earring
into a pendant and didn’t know where to start. I began by
calling several jewelry stores in the area, in an effort to
discern who seemed to be most pleasant and knowledgable.

In the past, I had experienced feeling like I wasn’t worthy
of attention as a customer, due to the fact that I wasn’t
planning for a ‘high-end’ purchase — I ended up visiting
three jewelers in person, on my quest to find a pleasant
jeweler to do business with. When I called Villareal Fine
Jewelers, in Austin TX, I was almost surprised at the kindness
and level of professional knowledge shared in the voice of
Jewelry Designer, Malcolm Brown.

I felt a strong sense of relief as I sat down in his office
to discuss my small project. Malcomlm treated me as if I were
spending thousands of dollars. I felt very special and relied
upon his high level of skills, design and professional opinions
to guide me through deciding on the setting that would be perfect
for my new diamond pendant. My finished project was the most beautiful professionally set diamond solitare which I will cherish along with
the warm and fond memories of my special experience with Malcolm Brown,
of Villareal Fine Jewelers.

Thank you so much.

With Warmest Regards,

Cassandra C.

At Villarreal Fine Jewelers, we have cultivated a loyal clientele that appreciate and share the ethos of beauty, quality, innovation and excellent customer service. Offering the guidance of Head Gemologist Joseph Villarreal and Jewelry Designer Malcolm Brown, it is no accident that Villarreal Fine Jewelers has become Austin’s most trusted jewelry professional.

Creating custom jewelry and helping couples choose the perfect engagement ring is our greatest passion. Our custom jewelry design service enables the discerning client to purchase unique jewelry tailored to their precise specifications and we also have an extensive range of quality Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires in stock to choose from. We provide our clients an unforgettable experience by offering professional advice and attention to detail to make sure you end up with the engagement ring of your dreams!

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