From Google Review:

Joseph Villarreal was the only jeweler I could find who was able to repair a complete cut through the inscribed portion of my custom made engagement ring. Two other jewelers told me the gold oak leaf my husband designed and placed on the ring, together with the original inscription, would have to be remade because they would not be able to fix the ring itself. They could put the old diamond into a new ring, but that was the best they could do. I have worn this engagement ring with love, day and night, for the past 27 years. Joseph spent significantly more time with me and said he could fix my ring without making a new one. When I picked it up, my ring was truly the same as it was the day my husband gave it to me – it shone like new and nothing had been changed except the slice through the band which had been fixed and reinforced so that the band will not break again. His work is beautiful! I would recommend Joseph Villarreal to anyone.

At Villarreal Fine Jewelers, we have cultivated a loyal clientele that appreciate and share the ethos of beauty, quality, innovation and excellent customer service. Offering the guidance of Head Gemologist Joseph Villarreal and Jewelry Designer Malcolm Brown, it is no accident that Villarreal Fine Jewelers has become Austin’s most trusted jewelry professional.

Creating custom jewelry and helping couples choose the perfect engagement ring is our greatest passion. Our custom jewelry design service enables the discerning client to purchase unique jewelry tailored to their precise specifications and we also have an extensive range of quality Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires in stock to choose from. We provide our clients an unforgettable experience by offering professional advice and attention to detail to make sure you end up with the engagement ring of your dreams!

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