I was recently asked the question above. In fact, I have been asked it a few times. It is a very good question and I figured you should know what is commonly done. If you are one for tradition, then traditionally speaking, it is the Man that purchases the engagement ring for his bride to be. While the bride to be does purchase a ring for her betrothed, it is not considered and engagement ring. It is considered a “wedding band.” However, the wedding band for the man is not purchased until right before the actual wedding date.  

The tradition of men wearing wedding bands goes back to World War II. So, you could say it is a fairly young tradition. Especially when you consider that women have been wearing rings as early as ancient Egyptian times. Military men started wearing wedding bands during World War II as a reminder of their commitment to their loved one back in the good old US of A. It wasn’t until approximately the 1950’s that mainstream or non-military men started sporting wedding rings. 

Men’s wedding bands now days consist of basic plain metal bands to decorative wedding bands. Decorative wedding bands can include gemstones such as diamonds. Others may prefer simple metal designs or more elaborate hand engraved carvings. Custom design wedding bands are also a way to own something unique that no one else has. So, whatever tickles your fancy is what you might to start dropping hints about to your future fiance’.

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