We have been creating custom designed diamond rings in Austin for 20 years.
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If you are looking for the best place to create your unique diamond anniversary ring, then look no further. We have been creating custom designed jewelry in Austin for 20 years. At Villarreal Fine Jewelers our passion is creating unique diamond jewelry to your specifications.

With our passion for custom jewelry design, you can be confident that the perfect diamond ring will be designed to exactly fit your personal style. A custom designed anniversary ring becomes a treasured heirloom that will be enjoyed and admired for generations to come. Browse through our gallery of anniversary rings. Our diamond anniversary and eternity bands are among some of the most special pieces we create. We look forward to working with you at our private showroom to create your new diamond or colored gemstone anniversary ring.

Diamond Ring History

Since ancient times diamonds have been known to symbolize definitive love and commitment for one another. Did you know that the tradition of giving an engagement ring came from ancient Egyptian civilization? Engagement rings back then were known to be made from various natural or organic materials such as a cannabis plant. The fiber from the stem of the plant was extracted and used to make such items as rope, stout fabrics, fiberboard and yes you guessed it – rings. Crude as it may be, the continuous round and circular shape of the ring was symbolic of the circle of life and the special bond that is developed between loved ones.

Now giving a diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love. It is a tradition widely regarded as an integral part of the commitment of marriage.  The diamond engagement ring symbolizes a commitment to a lifetime of promised love for both men and women. It is quite possibly the most meaningful gift a man will ever give, and that a woman will ever receive.


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