Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

 There has been quite a bit of confusion about the difference between Natural diamonds and Lab Grown diamonds. A recent article, “Guideline released to clarify diamond terminology – January 30, 2018,” stated that “Nine organizations have joined forces to introduce a new Diamond Terminology Guideline standardizing terms used to refer to natural, synthetic and imitation diamonds.” Included in the nine organizations are –
Make note of the following keywords from the definitions above- “…natural” and “…created by nature.” With the above explanation, there should be no confusion between “natural mined diamonds” and “lab created diamonds.” As a gemologist, I was taught that precious and semi-precious gemstones are described as one of 3 ways – Natural, Synthetic and Simulated. Unfortunately, the lab grown industry would prefer not to use the term “Synthetic.” They prefer the term “lab created” diamonds as they feel consumers are confused by the term “synthetic.” I think “synthetic” is the proper term to use for “lab created” diamonds. When the difference between the two is explained correctly, there is no room for confusion. Consumers are smart. They will understand.


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 Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)