During our sit downs or consultation sessions with pre-engaged couples about their diamond engagement ring, it is only natural that we talk about their future wedding plans and expectations. It is always such a delight to see the future grooms eyes light up as he talks about his bride to be. In doing so, we really get to know about the couples requirements and expectations for their special purchase. We advise our clients on how to budget for their perfect diamond engagement ring without “breaking the bank” for their perfect wedding. Ultimately, it is the couples choice as to which direction they would like to go in. I hope you enjoy the information below. Please feel free to forward to your family, friends and colleagues.

 Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)

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 How To Afford The Perfect Wedding

 Getting married soon? You’re one of many. Over two million people get hitched every year. Several of those planning their own weddings flock to sites such as Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration. New styles are uploaded daily and newlyweds are posting the inspiration for their weddings increasingly more.

While this is great for inspiration and ideas, it can quickly become too much to handle. Too many pages get saved and the soon-to-be couple soon realizes that their ideal wedding is more expensive than they anticipated and unlikely without the help of a lot of credit cards and loans. More couples are starting to search alternative sites to find great deals and unique styles that are more affordable. This leaves extra room in the budget for lasting investments like photography and wedding jewelry.

In addition to searching alternative sites, here are a few other tips that’ll help you save money. Don’t get married on Saturday. Venues will charge an arm and a leg higher for Saturdays. Waiting until Sunday or agreeing on a weekday can significantly cut your costs. If your heart is set on Saturday, finding ways to make some extra money should be one of your focuses.

If you’re getting married close to home, ask your friends and family for recommendations. Having a connection will usually get you a better deal while making sure you have a great experience. You can also ask those same friends and family for help. Asking friends to help can save some extra money without having to hire extra help.

These are just a few ideas that will get you started on planning your wedding. To learn a few more tips to make your big day more affordable, check out the infographic from Investment Zen below. You’ll learn a few more tips that will help you have the day of a lifetime. You’ll learn everything from the most affordable places to get married to the ideal times of the year to get married. You’ll even find some gems on honeymoons.