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Millennial Women Want These 2 Qualities in Their Diamonds


A good deal of our clients are millennials. especially millennial women looking for diamonds. I came across this article today and thought it was spot on. What do you think?



DPA (Diamond Producers Association) released a new poll.

When buying luxury goods such as diamonds, millennial women are looking for authenticity and long-term value, according to a new study commissioned by the Diamond Producers Association.

The poll of nearly 1,000 millennial women found that nearly 9 in 10 (89 percent) look for authenticity in such items. This tendency was even greater among high-earning millennials, with 85 percent saying they would be embarrassed knowing that they owned a knock-off, especially for luxury items.

Millennial women seek long-term value – emotionally and financially – from such purchases. Seventy-five percent saw diamond jewelry as an investment in themselves and 82 percent saw it as a long-term investment. Among the highest-earning millennials ($150,000+) these numbers these numbers were higher, at 94 percent and 91 percent, respectively.

The DPA said these statistics help explain why millennial self-purchase of diamonds continues to grow. A recent De Beers report stated that self-purchase by U.S. millennials accounted for 31 percent of all non-bridal diamond sales in 2015, compared with 25 percent in 2013.

“Millennial consumers in particular are defining luxury beyond price,” said Deborah Marquardt, chief marketing officer for the DPA. “When evaluating luxury purchases, they seek items that are genuine, unique and not mass-produced, and have inherent meaning and value. This preference speaks directly to the diamond promise – in an increasingly artificial world diamonds remain authentic, rare and precious.”

Luxury goods offer modern women a way to visually express their self-confidence, with 66 percent of millennial women saying they feel more confident in themselves when wearing diamond jewelry, according to DPA.

On behalf of DPA’s “Real is a Diamond,” the survey was conducted online by KRC Research from July 10 to July 14 among 995 millennial women between the ages of 18-34 in the U.S. with a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.


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“…something she would be proud to wear on her hand for forever….”

If you’re looking to create something truly special, Villarreal Jewelers this is the place to go. They have a wonderful setting in the center of town, accommodating, creative, and knowledgeable. I wanted to create something incredible for my fiance’s engagement ring and not only was Villarreal there with me every step of the way to guide and suggest, but they made sure that the final product was something she would be proud to wear on her hand for forever. Even several months later, folks will stop her in the middle of a conversation to ask about her ring. Where did you get that? She’s more than happy to divulge that her future husband took time and care while working with an incredible set of individuals who were all dedicated to provide the most magnificent piece of jewelry for her to show of for the rest of her life.

Easy to work with and responsive to inquiries: Without question. I’m probably now spoiled and will struggle work with any other jeweler again.

Able to manage a tight timeline: Check. Was planning a proposal in Rome, and they moved mountains to get the ring completed in time.

Willing to push back and “save me from myself”: I was close to making a few ‘questionable’ choices, but Malcolm was there to keep me sane and calm me into realizing the best choice for the ring based on his suggestions and expertise.

One of a kind piece that will infatuate her for a lifetime: Yea. That’s an easy one. My fiance still finds little accents in the hand engraved feathering and in ways the jewels sparkle and compliment each other.

Value: I honestly would have paid double for this. I had the ring appraised for insurance shortly after receiving it, and it was quoted at least as much as I paid. No ripoffs, incredible transparency into what you’re paying for, and immense value driven for me.

Richard Brown

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How To Afford The Perfect Wedding

During our sit downs or consultation sessions with pre-engaged couples about their diamond engagement ring, it is only natural that we talk about their future wedding plans and expectations. It is always such a delight to see the future grooms eyes light up as he talks about his bride to be. In doing so, we really get to know about the couples requirements and expectations for their special purchase. We advise our clients on how to budget for their perfect diamond engagement ring without “breaking the bank.” Ultimately, it is the couples choice as to which direction they would like to go in. I hope you enjoy the information below. Please feel free to forward to your family, friends and colleagues.

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 How To Afford The Perfect Wedding

 Getting married soon? You’re one of many. Over two million people get hitched every year. Several of those planning their own weddings flock to sites such as Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration. New styles are uploaded daily and newlyweds are posting the inspiration for their weddings increasingly more.

While this is great for inspiration and ideas, it can quickly become too much to handle. Too many pages get saved and the soon-to-be couple soon realizes that their ideal wedding is more expensive than they anticipated and unlikely without the help of a lot of credit cards and loans. More couples are starting to search alternative sites to find great deals and unique styles that are more affordable. This leaves extra room in the budget for lasting investments like photography and wedding jewelry.

In addition to searching alternative sites, here are a few other tips that’ll help you save money. Don’t get married on Saturday. Venues will charge an arm and a leg higher for Saturdays. Waiting until Sunday or agreeing on a weekday can significantly cut your costs. If your heart is set on Saturday, finding ways to make some extra money should be one of your focuses.

If you’re getting married close to home, ask your friends and family for recommendations. Having a connection will usually get you a better deal while making sure you have a great experience. You can also ask those same friends and family for help. Asking friends to help can save some extra money without having to hire extra help.

These are just a few ideas that will get you started on planning your wedding. To learn a few more tips to make your big day more affordable, check out the infographic from Investment Zen below. You’ll learn a few more tips that will help you have the day of a lifetime. You’ll learn everything from the most affordable places to get married to the ideal times of the year to get married. You’ll even find some gems on honeymoons.

 By: Tiffany McAdams



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“Demand From Women Represents More Than 90 Percent Of All Diamond Jewelry Sales Around The World.”

De Beers released its 2017 report.


The growing empowerment of women in society is a shift the diamond jewelry industry can’t afford to ignore, according to a new report from De Beers.

The company examines the changes in its Diamond Insight Report 2017, noting that demand from women represents more than 90 percent of all diamond jewelry sales around the world.

De Beers states that “it is clear that women’s roles in the workplace and in society are changing.”

“As a result, their views on what it means to be feminine are adjusting and transforming, opening up new opportunities for diamond jewellery acquisition,” the company explains.

De Beers outlines three key trends:

  • INCREASED PARTICIPATION OF WOMEN IN THE ECONOMY. As a result, self-purchase is at record highs. In 2016 in the U.S., 31 percent of all women’s diamond jewelry was bought by women themselves, according to De Beers. Self-purchasing of non-bridal diamond jewelry pieces grew in the U.S. by more than a third between 2005 and 2015, reaching 33 percent. Self-purchasers tend to be married women; they’re typically over the age of 35 and have medium to high income levels.
  • CHANGING FAMILY AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. De Beers explains: “Modern relationships and marriages are increasingly based on partnership between individuals who seek personal growth alongside progress in their relationship. As a result, diamonds are being purchased to symbolise a more diverse selection of ‘moments’ in a life, rather than just relationship milestones.”
  • FEMININITY REDEFINED. According to De Beers, “Women are redefining femininity, away from the ‘sweetness’ of previous generations to combine strength with an essential grace. Diamonds are consequently becoming symbols of a wider range of emotions, including pride, joy and achievement. Meanwhile, as success becomes more about ‘who I am’ than ‘what I have’, the experiential element of the diamond acquisition process also assumes greater importance.”

The report states: “For decades, diamonds have been marketed almost exclusively as gifts of love and symbols of marriage. While this universal and powerful motivation will remain the bedrock of the industry, new opportunities are clearly emerging as the position of women in society and the economy evolves.”

It concludes that “a collective effort from all parts of the value chain will be required to capitalise fully on the potential offered by the increasingly multifaceted modern woman.”


Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)

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Where are the best places to buy engagement rings?

We are frequently asked the following question – Where are the best places to buy engagement rings?

Let me begin by saying – BUY LOCAL!

The best place to purchase your diamond engagement ring is with your local jeweler.

Buying local does two positive things for you.

1) Your better likely to develop a lasting and honest relationship with someone local.

2) You are much higher likely to experience “peace of mind” when consulting a local professional.

Your friendly local jeweler should have years of experience with a head full of gemstone a jewelry knowledge. It is in the jewelers best interest to take good care, no, exceptional care of his or her clients. One of the things we hear often from our new clients is that nothing frustrates them more than not being able to get honest, educated answers to their diamond and engagement ring questions. Believe me, consumers know when someone is just winging it.

So, buy from your local jewelry professional!



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What should I know before buying a diamond?

We are frequently asked this question – “What should I know before buying a diamond?”


First and foremost I would get an idea of what diamond shape your future fiance prefers. For instance, is it the traditional Round Brilliant shape? Or perhaps a fancy shape like the Princess-cut, Oval, Cushion or Asscher?

Why is it important to ask your future fiance? Because you want to get it right the first time! You certainly do not want to have to return the diamond and have your feeling hurt. And all because you didn’t get her input. Get use to it. Your future spouse will appreciate you asking for her input on many other decisions. You know the old cliche’ “Happy Wife – Happy Life.” It’s true!

The next thing you should do is educate yourself on the proverbial 4C’s of Diamond quality. The Four C’s are diamond grading characteristic created in the middle of the twentieth century by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA is known as “the worlds foremost authority on gemology.”

Once you have read up on the 4C’s you will need to determine which of the 4C’s is most important to you. Is it Color, Cut, Clarity or Carat Weight? Once you have decided which is most important to you, then begin your loose diamond search. Notice that I stated “loose” diamond search. In my opinion, a diamond should be viewed out of its ring mounting where you are able to see the diamond in its full beauty and unobstructed.

Lastly, you should shop with a trusted local jewelry professional. You will know the jeweler you have chosen is “trusted” because of their reviews and testimonials. Also, look for a qualified jeweler with credentials such as a “Graduate Gemologist.” A Graduate Gemologist is an expert in the field of gemstones – this includes diamonds and colored gemstones. Think about it. When your sick and go the doctors office you want to see the doctor. Right? The doctor is a trained professional and knows what he or she is doing. So, why should seeking out a jewelry professional be any different?

Now I know that some jewelry retailers out there may disagree with me on this and say something like “ I have been in business for many, many years, you can trust me.” However, to that I say, just because someone has been in business for years doesn’t necessarily mean they have been doing things the right way. After all, your diamond engagement ring purchase is usually a costly purchase. You work hard for your money. The bottom line is, use good judgement, ask allot of questions and do some research. In the end you will be much more confident with your purchase.


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diamond yield from diamond mining

How many tons of earth does it take to yield 1 carats worth of diamond?


The following is a question we are asked from time to time.

How many tons of land needs to be mined for a 1 carat diamond?

There is no other gemstone quite like a diamond. It is found in the most remote places on earth, and the fact that it forms at all is something of miracle. It takes about one ton of rock to recover less than half a carat of rough, making diamond one of the rarest and most desired gemstones in the world. A diamond is a testament of endurance and strength- and not surprisingly, the ultimate symbol of love.

Every diamond is unique. Each reflects the story of its arduous journey from deep inside the earth to a cherished object of adornment. Yet all diamonds share certain features that allow us to compare and evaluate them. These features are called The 4 C’s.


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When Is The Best Time To Buy an Engagement Ring?


Recently, I was asked to provide an expert opinion for an interview with Beyond4Cs; a website dedicated to consumer education. Over 100 industry experts were interviewed including appraisers, wholesalers and retailers.

The following is an excerpt with my response –

“While we are busy through-out the year with our custom engagement ring designs, I communicate to our clients that the best time to buy a diamond for their engagement ring is after the holidays (January) through August.

Why? Having spent 10 years in the wholesale diamond industry, this is the time when loose diamond pricing seems to start creeping up – August to December. Although the buying season seems to begin later with each passing year, this is typically when retail store merchants begin buying for the Holiday season. The wholesale diamond trade knows this and therefore pricing edges up accordingly.”

Read the entire article.  


Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)
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Here’s How Much People Are Spending on Their Engagement Rings

What are people spending on engagement rings?

The average price is rising.

The average spend for engagement rings in the U.S. was $6,163, according to a newly released study by The Knot.

That was up from $5,871 in 2015, according to the site, which bills itself as the leading wedding brand and marketplace.

Figures from the 2016 Real Weddings Study are based on respondents who hired a professional vendor for the service. According to The Knot: “The 10th annual comprehensive report, the largest of its kind, surveyed nearly 13,000 US brides and grooms married in 2016 to uncover the financial spending habits and trends of real weddings in America.”

The average cost of a wedding reached an all-time high of $35,329. the average number of guests was 141.

A study by the Wedding Report found a substantially lower figure for the average cost of an engagement ring among U.S. couples. The typical ring cost $3,407 in 2016, up from $3,386 in 2015, according to the research firm.

Read the full press release

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2016 Average Cost of Wedding in the U.S. up 3/10ths of a percent to $26,720

The average amount U.S. couples spent on their wedding in 2016 was up slightly to $26,720 from $26,645 in 2015. The latest average wedding cost data is based on 9,298 survey samples collected from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. The average number of guests for 2016 was 125, down by 1 guest from 2015’s 126 number.

The Invitation and Flower category saw the biggest increase in spending, 3.3% to 5.2%, while Photography, Video and Planning saw the biggest decrease in spending, -2.0% to -3.9%.

Read More

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