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Here’s How Much People Are Spending on Their Engagement Rings

What are people spending on engagement rings?

The average price is rising.

The average spend for engagement rings in the U.S. was $6,163, according to a newly released study by The Knot.

That was up from $5,871 in 2015, according to the site, which bills itself as the leading wedding brand and marketplace.

Figures from the 2016 Real Weddings Study are based on respondents who hired a professional vendor for the service. According to The Knot: “The 10th annual comprehensive report, the largest of its kind, surveyed nearly 13,000 US brides and grooms married in 2016 to uncover the financial spending habits and trends of real weddings in America.”

The average cost of a wedding reached an all-time high of $35,329. the average number of guests was 141.

A study by the Wedding Report found a substantially lower figure for the average cost of an engagement ring among U.S. couples. The typical ring cost $3,407 in 2016, up from $3,386 in 2015, according to the research firm.

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engagement rings cost | Villarreal Fine Jewelers – Austin’s Custom Jeweler, Austin, TX “Your diamond engagement ring specialist”
jewelers news, wedding cost

2016 Average Cost of Wedding in the U.S. up 3/10ths of a percent to $26,720

The average amount U.S. couples spent on their wedding in 2016 was up slightly to $26,720 from $26,645 in 2015. The latest average wedding cost data is based on 9,298 survey samples collected from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. The average number of guests for 2016 was 125, down by 1 guest from 2015’s 126 number.

The Invitation and Flower category saw the biggest increase in spending, 3.3% to 5.2%, while Photography, Video and Planning saw the biggest decrease in spending, -2.0% to -3.9%.

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Study finds 98 percent of Generation Z prefer to shop in-store

Despite expectations that the first “digitally native” generation would want to shop online, a new study released by IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the National Retail Federation found that almost all members of Generation Z prefer to shop in bricks-and-mortar stores.

With the global Gen Z population set to reach 2.6 billion by 2020, retailers need to create more interactive engagement around their brands to serve the “always on,” mobile-focused, high-spending demographic, according to the study.

“Generation Z expects technology to be intuitive, relevant and engaging – their last great experience is their new expectation,” IBM General Manager of Global Consumer Industries Steve Laughlin said. “This presents a significant challenge for retailers and brands to create a personalized, interactive experience with the latest digital advances or risk falling behind. This kind of innovation is not linear or a one-time project – it is a new way of thinking, operating and behaving.”

“Just as Millennials overtook Gen X, there’s another big buying group retailers need to plan for, and it’s even larger: Generation Z,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “They appreciate the hands-on experience of shopping in a store. With technology constantly evolving but some shopping habits remaining the same, retailers need to be agile enough to serve both needs. Retailers are constantly focused on experimenting with new innovations both online and in-store to remain relevant to evolving consumer demand.”

The “Uniquely Gen Z” study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value is based on findings from more than 15,000 consumers aged 13-21 from 16 countries.

Born after the mid-1990s till early 2000s, Generation Z is the first “digitally native” group to grow up not knowing a world before cellular phones, smartphones and other digital devices. But the study found that 67 percent of Generation Z shop in a bricks-and-mortar store most of the time, with another 31 percent shopping in-store sometimes, indicating that 98 percent of Gen Z shop in store.

The new generation is important to retailers because it has access to $44 billion in buying power, with 75 percent saying they spend more than half of the money that is available to them each month, according to the study. And the generation is demanding: the study found 52 percent of Gen Z consumers will transfer loyalty from one brand to another if the brand’s quality is not up to par. They care the most about retailers getting the basics right, with 66 percent saying product quality and availability are the most important factors when choosing one brand over another; 65 percent focus on value.

The study found 74 percent of respondents spend their free time online, with 25 percent online five hours or more each day. The degree to which in-store sales are influenced by digital is inevitable in today’s shopping journey – and continues to grow. The study discovered a number of insights into Gen Z’s digital habits and preferences brands can leverage to reach them:

  • 73 percent of Gen Z use their phones primarily to text and chat socially with family and friends, but members are willing to extend their conversations to brand relationships.
  • 36 percent would create digital content for a brand, 42 percent would participate in an online game for a campaign and 43 percent would participate in a product review.
  • They have no patience for hard-to-use technology and demand a seamless mobile/digital experience.
  • 62 percent will not use apps or websites that are difficult to navigate and 60 percent will not use apps or websites that are slow to load.
  • Gen Z knows personal information is valuable to retailers, so members want to know how brands are using it and how the information will be protected.
  • Less than 30 percent are willing to share health and wellness, location, personal life or payment information; 61 percent would feel better sharing personal information if they knew it would be securely stored and protected.

The study found that Generation Z consumers like to engage with brands online, especially with those that create an interactive environment where customers can shape their own experience. As retailers develop and engage in such practices, they will be able to capture Gen Z ideas for new products, services, engagement and shopping experiences, the study said. The generation is known to be brand champions both online and offline, especially when brands acknowledge and value their opinions.

Source – Mid America Jewelry News – Published: 31 January 2017
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A Diamond Ring with a Place In History

Recently a client showed us a platinum and Old European-cut Diamond ring with a possibly unique family history. Our challenge was to create a wedding band to compliment the style of a ring that is almost 100 years old.

The diamond ring originally belonged to our client’s great-great-aunt, hereafter “Mrs. L ”. At the outbreak of World War II, she was living in the Philippines with her husband, one of the founders of the Manila Stock Exchange. An illness that prevented them from being evacuated with other U.S. citizens had a frightening consequence: when the Japanese invaded​​​ the Philippines they were sent to an internment camp.

At the outset of their imprisonment, Mrs. L. realized that she and her husband would be stripped of all possessions. Fearful of losing the diamond ring that her husband had proposed with in the 1920’s, she hid the cherished ring inside the drain pipe of a building within the camp, in the hope that it would not fall into enemy hands and be lost forever.

Although in poor health, both Mrs. L. and her husband managed to survive their ordeal in the Japanese internment camp. When finally liberated in 1945, Mrs. L. retrieved her diamond ring, untouched in its astutely chosen hiding place.

Some years later, the ring passed from Mrs. L. to her sister, our client’s great-grandmother and in time, down through the generations to the present day when the much-loved ring has just become an engagement ring once again.

After almost a century of wear, this noteworthy diamond ring is in good but not robust condition. Since the need for restoration work would inevitably arise in the near future, we felt it preferable to preserve the integrity of the ring as it is now. Placing a single wedding band alongside would create friction, further wearing the sides of the ring. To prevent this, we designed a pair of wedding bands, contoured for a snug “glove fit” on either side. The antique ring nestles, perfectly aligned, between the connected bands that will fend off much of the normal wear and tear of daily use.

We wanted to ensure that the antique diamond ring and the new bands looked as if they had always belonged together. To complete the impression, the bands were hand-engraved with “bright-cut” decoration in a style appropriate to the date of the diamond ring.

We are honored to have been chosen for such a sensitive and meaningful project, and proud of the trust placed in Villarreal Fine Jewelers by the great-great-grand-niece of Mrs. L.  If the late Mrs. L. is looking down from above, we do hope that she is pleased with the finished results!

Designer- Malcolm Brown
Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)
Villarreal Fine Jewelers – Austin’s Custom Jeweler,  Austin, TX
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custom sapphire and diamond engagement ring, Villarreal fine jewelers, Austin, TX | Villarreal Fine Jewelers - Austin's Custom Jeweler, Austin, TX “Your diamond engagement ring specialist”


Diamond gemstones not just for engagements anymore. Colored gemstones are making a comeback with all their magnificent color and beauty. “At Villarreal Fine Jewelers we love working with colored gemstones.”- designer Malcolm Brown.

There was a time in this great land, not too long ago, when a great behemoth of a company ruled the airwaves with a constant barrage of commercials stating that “A Diamond is Forever”. One would have been considered weird or rebellious to get engaged with anything other than a diamond. Well, things have changed here in the 21st century with a renaissance of color emerging in engagement rings. Women and men are choosing gemstones for their most important and symbolic piece of jewelry that better reflect them as individuals. It is a new age, free of any pressure or traditional bonds to choose fabulous color over the monotony of the colorless.
champagne diamond engagement ring

Custom Designed Fancy Orangy-Brown Diamond Engagement Ring – Villarreal Fine Jewelers

Prior to the days of mass marketing’s influence on the population, colored gemstones were far more popular as a symbol of one’s love for another. In fact, sapphires were the gemstone of choice in early engagement rings, not only for their beauty, value and symbolism of love, but they were also believed to reveal any infidelity of the wearer. In the 18th and 19th century, colored gemstones were valued higher than diamonds, so it was more special for a bride to receive a rarer, more valuable colored gemstone than a more run-of-the-mill diamond. 
Today’s brides-to-be can choose from an incredible array of gemstones and hues. There are so many reasons that a person may connect with a particular type of gemstone. It could be as simple as a favorite color. It could be the origin of the gemstone. It could be a special cosmic trait that a gemstone possesses and creates a bond with the wearer. Whatever the reason, there is a universe of options available to the newly unshackled engagement ring shopper.
pear shape emerald and diamond ring

Custom Designed Pear Shaped Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring- Villarreal Fine Jewelers

There are some practical considerations that should come into the decision-making process when choosing a colored gemstone engagement ring. One of the most important factors is durability. You will wear your engagement ring for a long time, so it is imperative to select a gemstone that will stand up to the daily grind of life. Really durable gemstones include sapphires, rubies, chrysoberyl (alexandrite), topaz and spinel. Within this list, you will find every color in the rainbow to select from.  Your choices are endless and it is entirely up to the wearer as to which gemstone speaks to him or her.
ruby diamond engagement ring

Custom Designed Round Brilliant Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring – Villarreal Fine Jewelers

Colored gemstones are returning as the symbol of love and romance as they have been throughout history.  The few decades-long blip on the radar of mass marketed colorless stones is being replaced by a new era of freedom of choice and personal expression.  We are honored and proud to be able to play a role in so many new special moments involving our beautiful colored gemstones and award-winning jewelry designs, and look forward to many more as color returns to its rightful place in the realm of romance.

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Designer- Malcolm Brown
Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)
Villarreal Fine Jewelers – Austin’s Custom Jeweler,  Austin, TX
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“I recently worked with Malcolm to redesign my wedding ring…”

“I recently worked with Malcolm to redesign my wedding ring after inheriting some family diamonds. Malcolm was fantastic to work with. I was a blank slate walking in and his expertise helped guide me to make a gorgeous ring that was right within my budget. I am a repeat customer of Villarreal having purchased our engagement and weddings rings here about 5 years ago. I was happy to find that the amazing customer service has stood the test of time. I would recommend Villarreal jewelers to anyone in the market to purchase or design jewelry.”

-Clare J.

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Large, Rare Diamonds Reveal the Inner Workings of Earth’s Mantle

A Diamond Truly Is Forever – in more ways than one. You will never look at a diamond the same way again.

Large and exceptional gem diamonds like the famous Cullinan or Lesotho Promise tend to have a set of physical characteristics that distinguish them from other kinds of diamonds (fig 1). One of the most noted characteristics is a low nitrogen concentration, such that these diamonds are predominantly type II, although not all type II diamonds necessarily belong to this family. New research published in Science reveals that these Cullinan-like gems, dubbed “CLIPPIR” diamonds, tell us something remarkable about the deep earth.

Villarreal Fine Jewelers – Austin Custom Jeweler, Austin, TX – Courtesy of G.I.A.  Read More 

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