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Where are the best places to buy engagement rings?

We are frequently asked the following question – Where are the best places to buy engagement rings?

Let me begin by saying – BUY LOCAL!

The best place to purchase your diamond engagement ring is with your local jeweler.

Buying local does two positive things for you.

1) Your better likely to develop a lasting and honest relationship with someone local.

2) You are much higher likely to experience “peace of mind” when consulting a local professional.

Your friendly local jeweler should have years of experience with a head full of gemstone a jewelry knowledge. It is in the jewelers best interest to take good care, no, exceptional care of his or her clients. One of the things we hear often from our new clients is that nothing frustrates them more than not being able to get honest, educated answers to their diamond and engagement ring questions. Believe me, consumers know when someone is just winging it.

So, buy from your local jewelry professional!



Joseph R. Villarreal, G. G. (GIA)

Villarreal Fine Jewelers – Austin’s Custom Jeweler,  Austin, TX
 “Your custom diamond engagement ring specialist”  



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